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In the last weeks we have been testing how 2d elements can be used to design a 3D space. And we got some surprises.

The creation of 3D spaces through 2D elements, is a special feature of the Analog Metaverse” setup. Using a BADABOOMBOX animation tool, it is possible to instantly create a digital object out of analog piece of paper. But how exactly does this work?

  1. The 2d element is placed on the light table of the box.
  2. By pressing the record button once, a single picture is saved.
  3. The code can now be placed on the ligh table.
  4. By pressing the upload button, the image is stored on the code.
  5. After positioning the code in 3D space, the image can be saved.

The process of working with 2d contributes to define a tridimensional environment gives a lot of room to work creatively. In comparison to the scanning of a 3D object, where the aim is to go for a faithful digital representation, you can experiment in many directions and end up with unexpected results.