Who would you like to be,
if you could become someone else?
An hero? A monster? A robot?

BadaBodyPaint is the magic tool to give life and play with your imaginary friends. A collective installation for kids, that involves any age group with its simple mix of creativity, movement and surprise.
The process it’s very simple: visitors are invited to draw on a A4 template within the outline of a simplified human body. After expressing their creativity through markers or any artistic tool, the drawing is put into a ‘magic box’ that acts like a scanner. The picture is then transformed into a living projection, that the visitors can animate.
The unexpected reaction of the creatures to the movement of one’s body creates a funny atmosphere of dance and play. The simplicity of the experience invites the viewer to take active part in the installation rather than just stare at it.

BadaBodyPaint was hosted in different events and festival:
Retune 16 – Berlin
Schmiede 16 – Hallein (AU)
TEDx SSC 16 – Catania (IT)

Next date
Currents New Media 17 – Santa Fè (US)

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