Who would you like to be,
if you could become someone else?
An hero? A monster? A robot?

BadaBodyPaint is the magic tool to give life and play with your imagination. A collective installation that involves any age group with its mix of creativity, movement and surprise. It has been used in workshops in schools, in international festival and events, and as a tool for art-therapy.
Visitors are invited to draw on a DIN A4 paper within the outline of a simplified human body. The drawing is placed into the ‘magic box’ and the picture is transformed into a living interactive projection, that the visitors can animate with their bodies. The reaction of the newborn creature to one’s body movements creates a funny atmosphere of dance and play.

BadaBodyPaint was hosted in different events and festival:
Currents New Media 17 – Santa Fè (US)
Retune 16
– Berlin
Schmiede 16 – Hallein (AU)
TEDx SSC 16 – Catania (IT)

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