Play with me!
Museum archives turn
into animated adventures.

BadaboomBerlin turns the archive of a museum into living, interactive projections. We manage the whole process from concept to realization of a permanent media installation. For example, ‘Spiel Mit Mir’ is implemented in the foyer of the Grassimuseum of Leipzig, covering the content of three different museums: Applied Arts, Ethnology, Music Instruments. The project was realized with Raumsektor.
Like in Gulliver’s travels, visitors can enter fantastic worlds and cities, where a plate decoration becomes an ocean, a wooden puppet invites you for a dance, and pianos turn into strange machines. We use animation and interaction like a magnifying glass, drawing the stories of museum items to the attention of the young digital natives. And to everybody else of course!

‘Spiel Mit Mir’ was awarded as winner project for the GRASSI FÜR KINDER competition
You can have a look at the item, you can be an item, or you can dive into an item