Sinneswandel hosts 65 deaf and hearing kids.
On three floors, room high animal applications
guide them safely to their rooms

A 700 square meter big part oft the Helen Keller school in Charlottenburg was given to the Sinneswandel GmbH to bring to life their vision of an integration kindergarten. The challenge was to create an orientation system for the building that is fun and appropriate for children and to create rooms that invite to explore, recreate and at the same time offer places of retreat and safety.

A tree as the symbol for growth and development was the root idea of the design concept. The three floors stand for root, trunk and crown of a tree. For each floor baukind developed together with the Atelier Perelà an original color concept and animal characters that correspond to and live around root, trunk and crown of a tree. The animals accompany the kids from the entrance door to their groups that are named after these animals: fox group, rabbit group, etc.

Illustration | Character Design

Architecture, illustration and design combine together
It approaches a safety issue in a playful way
The illustration were realized through tape art and projection mapping


Kita Sinneswandel


Anne Deppe ©

Alessandro Maggioni

Daniel Huber