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Featuring in app “Bauhaus Dessau”


The two short clips created in the workshops in schools in Dessau have been implemented into the official app of the Bauhaus Dessau in the section ” Programs”.

From the Bauhaus Webpage:
“Discover the Bauhaus Dessau with new media possibilities

The app developed by MicroMovie Media GmbH leads with an interactive map to the original Bauhaus Buildings such as the master houses, the Bauhaus Building or the employment office of Walter Gropius. The new Bauhaus Museum of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is also represented with current service information, events and site plans.Places in the Bauhaus Building that are otherwise only accessible as part of guided tours can also be experienced via the app: 360-degree panoramas show the auditorium with stage, the refectory, Walter Gropius’ former director’s room, a historic student room and the roof terrace of the studio building in which the students were housed.

A very special feature is the work “Bauhaus Sound” by Berlin composer and sound designer David Kamp. The unique sound composition adds an experimental level of sound to the exhibitions and buildings. It comprises over 100 sound elements from which an infinite sound composition is created. The basis and sound material are acoustic miniatures on Bauhaus themes – developed from recordings of rooms, workshops, design objects and historical materials from the Foundation’s building research archive. The audio elements are randomly re-combined time and again – so every listener listens to a completely individual composition. An atmospheric sound backdrop of noisy and musical sounds, created by knocking, painting and rubbing glass, metal and stone, the pure spatial atmosphere of the master houses and accompanied by fragments of Bauhaus poems.”

Wilde wilde Wesen @ Radar Festival, Potsdam


Wilde wilde Wesen will be part of the Radar Festival in T-werk Potsdam, from the 21 to 24 of February. Don´t miss the chance to see it on the 21 at 21:30 and on the 22 at  19.30. We will be in good company with some friends and partners, like Benjamin Hohnheiser and its “Zeitfenster”, and Schaubude Berlin new production with Gonzalo Barahona “Ver-rückt!”


21. | 22.2.20

T-WERK Potsdam

Day 8: Testing Puppets

By Schaubude Berlin Art Residency

“Das Potential der Puppe liegt in den komplizierten Schichten der Verbindungen zwischen Subjekt und Objekt und in der paradoxen Natur der Transformation. Die interaktive Technologie wird die alte Weisheit des Rituals stützen, sie wird die transformativen Beziehungen zwischen der Puppe und dem Puppenspieler, die sich in begeisternden Aufführungen, dem öffentlichen Engagement und den Reflexionen der Gemeinschaft zeigen, abdecken und stärken.“

Ryu, Semi, Redefining Puppet: paradoxical relationship between human and object, 2009