Kultur- und Kreativpilot 2017

BadaboomBerlin is one of the 32 start-ups who received
the title Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland 2017



Badaboom Berlin was the surprise guest at TEDxSSC in Catania


Tage der offenen Baustelle

Come around to see the kids' creations and ideas for the new Humboldt Forum
24-25.06.2016, Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss - Free entrance


Spiel Mit Mir

Interactive Installation in Grassi Museum - Leipzig


BadaboomBerlin likes to experiment, play and discover.
We build Interactive playgrounds on temporary and permanent spaces
where everyone can have fun and be part of a creative process.

Let’s turn your environment into a playful world!



Paint • Play • Dance



Collective analog / digital installations



Interactive playful exhibitions

Badaboom Berlin

Daniel Huber and Alessandro Maggioni meet in Berlin in 2013.
They share a playful approach to technology and curiosity to combine analog and digital media. They collaborate in projects for museums and festivals, and in 2016 they found Badaboom Berlin, where they develop installations and interactive tools.
In their work technology is a framework that allows free expression of creativity. Drawings, sculptures, any object enters magically in the installations, and the surprise involves kids and grown-ups in the creative process.

They research and collaborate with museums, theaters and festivals. They regularly give workshops in schools, media art events and universities.

Daniel Huber

Co-Founder / Designer and Creative Coder

Daniel Huber likes to create rich immersive experiences in space. He is working as a freelancer in concept development, interaction design and coding for different world brands, big events and exhibitions.
Daniels experience over the past ten years spans from creating new tools for artistic expression with full-body interaction to huge immersive, interactive environments. He prefers to combine traditional mediums with emerging technologies, something that comes alive, invite people to play and tell a story.

Daniel Huber

Alessandro Maggioni

Alessandro Maggioni

Co-Founder / Designer and Storyteller

Originally from Como Lake, Italy, Alessandro Maggioni lives and works in Berlin. He is an industrial designer with a focus in communication. His interest in the role of analog in digital culture expanded into the exploration of the world of handmade papercraft and stop-motion animation. The wish of sharing this knowledge with younger generations takes form into a series of workshops given in kindergartens, schools and media festivals.
His work constantly shifts between handy-craft, technology and imagination. In workshops, he empowers everyone from children to professionals to create their own stories in a positive and proactive media culture for the new generations.
He combines the methods of a designer with an artist’s imagination, to create thrilling and charming worlds of adventure for both children and adults.

We work


Badaboom Berlin is located in the heart of Kreuzberg, next to the canal. Drop by to say hello, have a coffee and enjoy some interactive magic.


Glogauerstr. 19a
10999 Berlin

0176 72182936