How does it feel to be ripped away from the life with which you are familiar at just a moment’s notice? A man and a rabbit dive head first together into a world full of light and colour, shadows and paper, and ultimately must answer the question of whether the freedom of one of them also means the freedom of the other.

With “The Year of the Rabbit”, the company mikro-kit and Alessandro Maggioni create a laboratory on stage, in which everything revolves around the power of encounter. With the means of shadow play and paper art, digital video techniques and analogue live projections, images are created, telling of the research and longing for freedom, but also of the question of how far we can let ourselves go with someone else, and how far the common path can lead us.

08. | 09.04.22

T-werk Potsdam

03. | 05.12.21

Schaubude Berlin - Premiere

Pictures by Kathleen Kunath and Zé de Paiva 2021

Alessandro Maggioni, Magali Tosato

Lydia Dimitrow, Magali Tosato

Alessandro Maggioni

Marco Bianchi

Technical production, light and sound design
Benjamin Dimitrow

Technical counseling
Daniel Huber

Puppetry coaching
Franziska Dittrich

Video documentation
Alexander Hector

Costume and assitance scenography
Larissa Jenne

Production management
Christine Elbel