A car hovers gently on the water surface, on two larger-than-life grasshopper legs. A cargo bike flies through the air on powerful dragonfly wings, while a bus rides on the street on huge robot-legs. Is this fantasy, or is it just the normal way to commute tomorrow to the workplace? “FANTASTICMOBILITY” is the new interactive installation we developed together with Futurium. Let’s explore new ideas and scenarios for the mobility of the future.

FANTASTICMOBILITY is part of five new exhibits entering the Futurium Lab area, and uses prototyping to engage visitors in the design process. A virtual garage offers the user the chance to transform a tangible puzzle, made of different vehicle pieces, into a brand new transportation means. The playful process allows to combine and recombine wheels, turbines with nature elements, as well with sci-fi items and surreal ones.

And there is more: every piece has its own special parameters, that differently affect the environment. This means every prototype can be designed keeping in mind the consequences in terms of noise, pollutions, efficiency and so on.
The installation finds a second application during workshops, where kids and their parents can build together prototypes and animate them through stop-motion animation. Check out our website in the News section to find the next workshop dates.


Alexanderufer 2
10117 Berlin


2021 / 2024


- Concept
- Prototyping
- Design
- Coding
- Animation
- Production
- Workshops