What does it mean to rebuild a castle today? What should be changed? For which new purposes its rooms can now be used?
The kids that took part to the workshops organized by the Humboldt Forum around the reconstruction of the former Berliner Schloss/Palast der Republik were confronted with these and many more questions. They made interviews in the neighborhood to understand the reaction of the people about the reconstruction, visited the site and the workers, learned about the sculpture restoration, and were finally asked to re-imagine the look of the castle.

Out of these imaginative, new designs, we created an animated, interactive rendition of their drawings, with unicorn flying above the castle, gods heads planting new flowers in the gardens and strange, urban new sculptures dancing in front of the castle every time a visitor comes in front of the installation.
The project was developed in collaboration with Salapanga group.


- Customization
- Development
- Workshop


Schlossplatz 5
10178 Berlin
14.09 / 16.12.18

© SHF / Illustration: Jens Bonnke