In 2015 ATÖLYE Istanbul invited Alessandro Maggioni to join the project of the UX redesign for the new Turkcell tablets kids´mode.
Aiming to enhance the quality of time spent on digital devices, we developed a format with a palette of topics and illustration styles that could address different moods and ages. Coordinating a 6 illustrators-team, through a series of workshops in schools we tested and validated drafts and layouts. We ended up with final designs, each one featuring a character that becomes a trusted “friend” for the kids thoughout the whole digital experience.


- Concept
- Art direction
- Illustration
- Workshop


ATÖLYE, Istanbul 2015


ATÖLYE Istanbul
Illustrator Team
- Nurbanu Asena
- Basak Agaoglu
- Asli Smith
- Bulent Gultek
- Alessandro Maggioni