A project by: Anton Mezhiborsky & Alessandro Maggioni.
The Shadow Paper Monsterz project is a site-specific installation, set up in an old machine room during the Schmiede 2013 Festival.
In September 2013 we settled in the beautiful building of the Old Salt Works (Hallein – Austria) and held the Paper + Pixel workshop. In ten days we explored different animation techniques, tools and their possible applications and made up a project that brought a lot of fun to workshop participants and visitors of the Schmiede Festival.

We asked people to create monsters out of paper, with no particular skills required, just creativity flying free. The result was an army of kind and scary guys. Their faces and parts of the bodies were animated separately, frame by frame, an easy task to complete in a short time.

Then came the magic. The magic was programmed using vvvv – a multipurpose toolkit, which allowed us to develop the installation pretty fast. A Kinect sensor was tracking skeletons of the visitors, their movements were transformed into shadows moving on the wall.
During the festival we shared experience, knowledge and wishes. We all had different backgrounds, different paces of work and points of view. We were wearing shadows of our monsters. And we all had fun.


This workshop was organized and hosted by Anton Mezhiborskiy (vvvv.org/users/robotanton) & Alessandro Maggioni.
Anton is a member of #vvvv and has created the code lying underneath the monster’s animations, together with Alessandro.

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