Digital is better?
A travel on analog and digital tools 
in the world of puppeteering

For one month Badaboom Berlin and Tinka Legvart were hosted in Schaubude Berlin theater for an art residency. Goal of the research was to find new possible interactions between puppeteering – a traditionally analog art – and the digital world. In the first weeks we investigated materials that could offer freedom to the actors, recognizability by digital sensors, and create new platforms for storytelling.

After, the research focused on puppets of different kind for material, dimension and structure. Our tryouts got always more tangible, till our own puppet was born: Ludwig. He became the ‘body’ on which our experiments came together.
The research goes on, in the meanwhile you can enjoy the Ludwig trailer and stay updated on the official blog of the residency.

Concept | Coding | Video documentation | Puppet design

The residency will be presented on 29.10.16 during the Theater Der Dinge festival in Schaubude Berlin.
All along the residency we kept a regular blog, with several videos documenting our findings.

Badaboom Berlin, Tinka Legvart

Sandy Schwermer

Schaubude Berlin, Berlin

24.06/23.07 – 2016