The GRIMMWELT Kassel museum created an exhibition following a two year program of workshops with refugees. From the creation of a collective cookbook, collages of fantastic creatures or learning to play new rhythms, different methods and approaches were used to involve kids in a storytelling process.

BADABOOMBERLIN created at this exhibition the Media-Installation „Fantasy Creatures“ and together with the GRIMMWELT Kassel we realised a Digital-Collective-Cookbook and a Stop-Motion-Table.

Visitors can swipe through the COLLECTIVE-COOKBOOK and look at recipes which were collected at the workshops. A projector at the top and a sensor, which is recognizing the movements of the hand, gives a touchless digital book experience. Visitors have also the opportunity to send recipes via a website, which were collected and also shown at the exhibition in the COLLECTIVE-COOKBOOK.

With the Hands On Installation ANIMATION-TABLE the visitors can make, with given Cut-Outs, their own little Stop-Motion Movies. The results were shown immediately on a big projection in the exhibition.

“Get out of the box and get involved!” is the motto of this tour.

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GrimmWelt Kassel
Weinbergstraße 21
34117 Kassel

31.08.2018 / 13.01.2019