Funding: „Total Digital!“ Learning how to read and tell stories with digital media. The 5 day Workshop week was a cooperation from DasBuchProjekt and BadaboomBerlin.

DasBuchProjekt developed a book “Na gut, sagen die Tiere. Geschichten aus Olegs Kiste” and with the kids we interpreted these stories new and made a new media production with them. They create four worlds and stage a lot of fantastic characters.

The kids bring their creation and Cut-Out alive, with our BADAGREENBOX and learned the technic: “STOP-MOTION” and core how cartoons work.

BADABODYPAINT was also used to teach a more modern technic: “MOTION-CAPTURING”, where the kids draw their hero and record their body movement. Finally all parts came together on an interactive carpet.

The children defined areas and marked them with “TAPE-ART”. When someone step on a tapped unicorn, this person will see an unicorn on a big projection (stage) flying through one of the worlds. So everyone can have a look and combine different clips and tell different stories.

CITY      MAGIC      SEA      SPACE


- Coding
- Consulting
- Technic
- Realisation


Nürtingen Grundschule
Mariannenplatz 28
10997 Berlin
Workshop: 14.10.2019 / 18.10.2019
Event: 18.11.2019


In collaboration with:
Das Buch Gbr Bischoff/Follenius
Project Support:
Kultur macht STARK
Deutscher Bibliotheksverband e. V.