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How a little portable box can make your life easier.

Maybe you have experienced how challenging can be packing all gear for a simple workshop. Camera, tripod and lights are not the backpacker’s best friends. If you’re traveling by plane the situation gets even worse.

Originally conceived for a vvvv research project, it turned out to have several applications. In a packed space, this portable laser cut box can serve at the same time as a keying device, a camera-on-top studio set-up, and a photo box, saving you the hassle of carrying a tripod, an heavy DSLR and light set. It’s also smartphone friendly, so it can also work as a scanner, with results depending on your device resolution.

If you’re not heading for a top-notch level, this solution could maybe help you. I found it very suitable for workshop with kids, where it works as a ‘magic box’ and captures their attention.

For any questions about materials and device we used drop us a line at

Happy Chroma-keying!

Dimensions: 29,4 x 41,5 x 1,7cm
Weight: 781 g (with lamp and cable)
Material: serigraphy board

For stop motion animators
The webcam in the picture is supported by Dragonframe with live-view, not a secondary benefit.


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