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SOUND OF THE STARS: a spaceship, a crew, a mission: bring the sounds of remote galaxies to babies and their family in Shanghai!
The first collaboration of musicians Franka Herwig, Hugo Rodríguez Herrero and object artist Alessandro Maggioni for DKS is an adventurous trip through the planets, with a selection of classical pieces, free improvisations and colourful projections. Together we will discover wondrous flowers and plants, meet dangerous aliens and make our way through meteorites storms, until we will land safe on the ground..ready for new adventures!

Alessandro Maggioni – objects and projections
Franka Herwig – accordeon
Hugo Rodríguez Herrero – clarinet


6. 7. 8.12.2019


Shanghai - China

Previous Dates

23. 24. 25.08.2019
Malanhua Theather,
Shanghai - China