Play with me!
An installation for kids redesigns
the foyer of Grassimuseum

‘Spiel mit mir’ (Play with me) is an interactive multimedia installation which combines elements of learning, communication, and physical activity in a playful and intriguing contemporary exposition for kids. The application reacts in real-time to the movements of the children, creating an atmosphere of projected patterns, textures, and objects, which they can then immerse themselves into and directly affect with their own actions. Fantasy, creative curiosity, and movement stimulate the child creating a customized and unique learning experience.

The project was awarded with the first prize of the GRASSI FÜR KINDER competition. The permanent installation is now implemented in the foyer of the Grassi Museum of Leipzig, covering the content of three different museums: Applied Arts, Ethnology, Music Instruments.

Concept | Coding | Art direction | Animation | Character Design | Video documentation

The installation was realized after being awarded with the first prize of the “Grassi für Kinder” competition.
It’s designed for kids but brings all age groups together
It covers the content of three museums: Applied Arts, Ethnology and Music Instruments


Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst

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