BadaboomBerlin turns the archive of a museum into living, interactive projections. We manage the whole process from concept to realization of a permanent media installation. For example, ‘Spiel Mit Mir’ is implemented in the foyer of the Grassimuseum of Leipzig, covering the content of three different museums: Applied Arts, Ethnology, Music Instruments.

Like in Gulliver’s travels, visitors can enter fantastic worlds and cities, where a plate decoration becomes an ocean, a wooden puppet invites you for a dance, and pianos turn into strange machines. We use animation and interaction like a magnifying glass, drawing the stories of museum items to the attention of the young digital natives. And to everybody else of course!


- Concept
- Design
- Production
- Development
- User manual
- Documentation


GrassiMuseum, Leipzig



M U S E U M    O F   A P P L I E D   A R T S

M U S E U M    O F   E T H N O G R A P H Y

M U S E U M    O F   M U S I C    I N S T R U M E N T S